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Wiltshire Children and Young People's Trust & Wiltshire Safeguarding Children's Board

Wiltshire Children LogoWiltshire Children & Young People’s Trust Commissioning Executive

The Wiltshire Children & Young People’s Trust works closely with Wiltshire Children's Safeguarding Board and other groups such as the Health and Wellbeing Board to make a difference to the lives of children and young people in Wiltshire.  It is made up of all the departmental services for children and young people in the county including health services, education services, social services; and voluntary sector organisations.  The Wiltshire Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum hold two seats on the Trust's Commissioning Executive to represent the voluntary sector within Wiltshire.  The Chair and an Executive of the Forum represent the views of the members at the Children's Trust Board.  The agendas for each of our Forum meetings will detail the dates of the Children's Trust and Wiltshire Safeguarding Children Board sub group meetings.  If you wish to make contact with the Forum representative attending on your behalf please contact: Emily Orchard.

More information can be found on the Wiltshire Pathways website www.wiltshirepathways.org.uk.   This website provides guidance and support to professionals in Wiltshire who work with children and young people and their families. You will find information, guidance and practical tools and solutions to help you support vulnerable children and young people in Wiltshire.

The Wiltshire Children and Young People's Trust plan 2016-2019 Wiltshire Children and Young People’s Trust Plan 2016-19 outlines the vision of the Children’s Trust and details the high level outcomes for improving the life chances of children and young people in Wiltshire.   More detailed plans and measurement of progress are included in a range of commissioning strategies which can be found on the website. www.wiltshirepathways.org.uk

Wiltshire Safeguarding logo Wiltshire Safeguarding Children's Board (WSCB)

The Wiltshire Safeguarding Children Board is a multi-agency partnership that holds its partners to account about the extent to which children and young people are kept safe.  It is a statutory body created under the Children Act 2004. It is responsible for challenging all relevant organisations on their performance in ensuring that children and young people are kept safe. The WSCB is responsible for developing local policies for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. It is also responsible for identifying multi-agency training needs and evaluating the extent to which training needs are being met by all services for children/young people, including commissioned services.

For more information visit the website http://www.wiltshirelscb.org/.  This website brings together information for Children and Young People, information for parents and carers, and information for the Professionals and Practitioners who work with them.

Multi-agency Forums

It is vital to provide the right help early on to ensure our children and young people have the best chance of achieving good outcomes. For this to happen we need truly collaborative working across services, teams and thresholds.

Almost every community area in Wiltshire has a locally owned and managed MAF. This is very important as localised ownership is the glue that keeps MAFs focussed on local needs and locally supported partnership working which, in turn, makes the MAF more meaningful and useful for local staff. The quality of support available at MAFs is exceptionally high and helps direct professionals to the most appropriate support for the child or young person – so less time is spent navigating services and, most importantly, the child or young person is helped earlier.

Multi-Agency Forums (MAFs) are a highly valuable mechanism for enabling partnership working as they provide an opportunity for:

  • discussing anonymised CAF cases for peer advice and guidance (unless it is clear that parents and the young person have given permission for their details to be shared with a range of professionals).
  • hearing about local service updates and changes.
  • learning about effective interventions.
  • focusing attention on key issues specific to your locality.
  • effective peer support and networking.

New dates and contact details for the MAFs running are available on the main menu of www.wiltshirepathways.org.uk (these are updated regularly so please always check for the latest details).

Community Engagement Managers

Community Engagement Managers are important partners for the voluntary and community organisations. Working across Wiltshire their role is about creating more welcoming and inclusive communities by supporting & enabling groups and individuals with:

  • Grant & Funding Applications
  • Developing Local Projects
  • Area Boards
  • Local Events, News, Publicity
  • Consultation, Engagement & Inclusion
  • Enhancing Local Service Delivery
  • Resolving Community issues
  • Support, Advice & Signposting

Information about Area Boards and your Local Community Engagement Managers can be found here: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/council/areaboards.htm

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