Below is the list of local agencies that are full members of the Wiltshire Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum.

Here you will find up-dated information gained from our full members. This will be most valuable to our members, partners, individuals and organisations across Wiltshire. It is hoped that from this directory individuals and organisations will be able to:

  • Find essential contact details for other organisations easily
  • Understand the work of members clearly
  • Signpost children and families to organisations who can provide support and services
  • See potential opportunities to work in partnership with others

If you are looking for a service for a specific area of support you can click on the category heading below and you will find all the agencies who are full members listed in that particular category.

Categories of support offered:


Thank you to all of the members who have contributed to the directory.

The websites of Associated Members can be found under Resources

Here is a printable version of the Members Directory

Details of all agencies who are full members of the Forum are listed below:

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