Splitz Support Service

Oak House, White Horse Business Park

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Phone: 01225 777724

For men, women and teenagers. Paloma: outreach service for victims of domestic abuse, Making Changes: Group workshops for women who have experienced domestic abuse. Turnaround Programme: voluntary group for male perpetrators of domestic abuse. Women’s Safety Service: helps the ex-partner of male perpetrators to develop a safety plan and monitors the impact of the programme on the family. SplitzKidz/KidzPace: A support service for young people between 11 and 16 years of age who have witnessed domestic abuse. TeenzTalk: School programme for year groups 10 and 11 on respectful relationships. Community 4: delivers a housing related floating support service in Wiltshire. Buddy Scheme: mentoring and befriending service

Age Range: 16+
  • Support of abuse
Area of Operation: Wiltshire (except Swindon).
How services are accessed: Online referral form: Downloaded from website. Phone referrals: Self or other agencies Referral criteria: Must be aged 16+ Live in Wiltshire Domestic abuse is the primary need Referrals who have experienced domestic abuse in the last six months are eligible for allocation to a support worker. Referrals who experienced domestic abuse over six months ago (historical abuse) will be offered structured workshops; Making Changes, or the Buddy
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