Wiltshire Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum

“This is a vital forum to keep up with latest news and information and to strengthen and widen partnerships”

“As a group/network we are stronger, it’s great as a tool to form supportive partnerships”

“The Forum offers excellent peer support”

“The Forum helps me keep up to date and helps me to share information and knowledge”

“The Forum is an excellent place to find out about any new local/central strategies”

“The Forum invites many excellent speakers which inform on agendas and initiatives we might otherwise not understand”

“I found out about a funding source at one meeting and this resulted in 3 new projects that would have otherwise not happened”

“The Forum is essential in order for me to understand and interact with what’s going on in Wiltshire Council and Statutory Services”

“It is great I can meet up with other voluntary sector organisations to be united in one voiceto the Council, I feel much more likely to be heard”

“I represent a small local organisation and the Forum enables my voice to be heard on the wider stage”

“It is interesting to hear what other voluntary organisations are doing”

“The networking opportunities are great!”

“Having a collective voice is great and we can discuss common topics”

“Hearing about strategies both local and regional is very useful”

“It’s great to hear about initiatives which support work I am already doing in my organisation”

“Interesting to receive newsletters and information on what is happening locally to support Children, Young People and Families"